The Gonzales Inquirer

August 30, 2002

Belmont Catering, headed by Belmont’s own Dick Goss, was honored to have been invited to cater for the White House press corps on Aug. 11, 2002 while President George W. Bush visited his ranch near Crawford. Members of the press corps were served mesquite-smoked, barbecued brisket, sausage, ribs and chicken along with all the homemade fixings including peach cobbler and pecan pie.  The meal was well received and complimented by the press.Belmont Catering White House Pres Corps article

Belmont Catering White House Pres Corps photo
Pictured with Belmont’s catering crew are Cambell Brown, Keith Blackman & Kenneth Strickland of the White House Press Corp. (front row, from left) Lisa Escobedo, Cambell Brown, Laura Bremauntz, Shirley Goss, Roxy Goss (Back row, from left) Tom Goss, Keith Blackman, Kenneth Strickland, Dick Goss.


What people are saying

BELMONT: The Goss Store, Honorable Mention – May 2003; ‘for its mouthwatering ribs and its funk-and-rust atmosphere.’ – Texas Monthly Magazine
Texas Monthly Magazine

This is my absolute favorite restaurant. Food is always fresh. Go on like that!! Good to see the Goss family bring back a Belmont tradition for locals and travelers.
Floyd Cramer